21 Reasons for Pregnancy

21 Reasons for Pregnancy


According to the World Health Organization; if there is no medical necessity, the period of time you have to carry your baby is exactly 40 weeks. However, nowadays, most of the women want to terminate their pregnancy early. Here, we list some reasons why you wait till the 40th week to give delivery.

  1. It’s good to miss someone. Wonder about your baby and dream about it. Somehow you will take your baby to your lap in the end so this period is the period you are waiting for him and enjoy.
  2. Experts emphasize that only 3/2 of babies’ brain is developed during the 35th week of pregnancy. The last five weeks are very significant for the full development of babies’ brains, so you should give this time to your baby.
  3. Babies who are born at 40th weeks are born ready for the outside world. They adapt more easily to the cold and bright environment after the mother’s womb.
  4. The sucking and swallowing skills of the babies born at the 40th week will develop better, so mothers may not have any problems during breastfeeding.
  5. You may not have another chance to experience them again, when your baby turns in your belly, kicks, and grows a life within you. Enjoy your baby’s kicks.
  6. You can be cranky or sleep whenever you want, or you can go out without doing your hair. Remember! You do not need to make any explanation.
  7. The more you maintain healthy habits during your pregnancy, the more you will reap the benefit of it after pregnancy.
  8. Look! Your partner carries your bags or other things, and sometimes your partner ties your shoes. Enjoy it.
  9. You can still sleep and wake up at any time you want.
  10. You don’t have to stand in public transport.
  11. You do not have to wait for an elevator or restrooms, and you will skip to the front of the line.
  12. Remember! Your baby’s muscles will develop more after the 37th week of pregnancy.
  13. The risk of low blood glucose is higher in premature babies
  14. The risk of catching an infection in the first months is higher in premature babies.
  15. Your baby’s lungs will fully develop at the 38th week.
  16. When you are pregnant, your partner will probably do more work in the home than you. Let it go on like this for a while.
  17. Carrying your baby in your belly is easier than carrying his/her on your lap. You can still use your hands.
  18. You still prefer to use small bags. You don’t have to walk around with daggers.
  19. You do not have to cope with buckling your baby into a car seat.
  20. You know exactly where your baby is, and what she/ he is doing now. Remember that you will look for these days when your baby becomes 18 years old.
  21. You can go out with your friends without trying to organizing grandparents or babysitters.

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