Break Bad Habits During Pregnancy

Break Bad Habits During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a period in which mothers should pay the most attention to themselves since there is a direct link between a mother’s health and the development of the baby. All of the women want to have a healthy pregnancy, get regular checkups, and track their pregnancy stages. Every action or every food that you eat has a big impact on the development of the baby. For this, every woman has to break some bad habits during pregnancy, because these can cause serious harm to the unborn child. Here are the things that you need to quit during pregnancy and train yourself:


Is there anyone who does not like starting the day with a cup of coffee every morning? However, you need to break this sweet habit during pregnancy or prefer to drink decaf coffee. There is no need to talk about how caffeine affects your heartbeats and how long it keeps you sober, etc. In this case, you need to know that the same strong effect can pass through the placenta and reach your baby. For your baby’s body will not be developed yet, he or she may not be able to cope with caffeine. By the way, coffee is not the only drink that contains caffeine. Carbonated drinks, tea, and chocolate are the other products containing caffeine.


Continuing alcohol consumption during pregnancy may result in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Babies who suffer from this may have low birth weight and physical disabilities. Visual and hearing impairments, intellectual developmental disorders, behavioral disorders are the other problems that your baby may face. If you consume alcohol before pregnancy and then quit drinking alcohol when you realize that you are pregnant, you will reduce the risk of your baby’s being affected by alcohol during pregnancy. In addition, regular and excessive alcohol consumption after birth can have a negative impact on the baby and cause the mother to stop breastfeeding.

Tobacco and Cigarette:

Perhaps smoking is the most difficult habits that you need to quit. Smoking during pregnancy means that your baby cannot get the necessary oxygen and nutrients that he or she needs to take while in your belly! If you smoke during pregnancy, you may suffer from some problems such as premature birth, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, hypertension, stillbirth, asthma, cancer, etc. If you want to quit smoking but you think that it is so hard, you need to consult your doctor to get help.

Medicine & Drugs:

If you are a mother who is addicted to drugs every period of your life but especially during pregnancy , you need to know that using any drug during pregnancy will adversely affect your baby’s health not only in the womb but also his or her entire life.

However, drugs are not the only things that you should stay away when you are pregnant. You should not take any non-prescription medicines or products, and you may need to stop taking your medicine which you use regularly. Therefore, you need to consult your doctor before taking medicine during pregnancy.

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