Care for Your Body During Pregnancy

Care for Your Body During Pregnancy
  • Taking a shower during your pregnancy

Pregnant women sweat more by the effect of hormones in pregnancy. Therefore, you may feel the need to take a shower several times a day, especially in the summer. There is no restriction on taking a shower during pregnancy. However, they should pay attention to some points.

  • If there is a bathtub in the bathroom, they need to take precautions to prevent them from sliding when entering and leaving the bathtub.
  • The center of gravity of your body changes during pregnancy. When you stand up all of a sudden, their blood pressure may drop. Therefore, they need to pay attention to this when you enter the tub and leave the tub.
  • You should make sure the water is not too hot.


  • Vaginal hygiene

There is an increase in vaginal discharge due to increased hormones during pregnancy. There is nothing you need to do except using daily liners unless there is no infection.


  • Breast Care

You will notice the growth of your breasts during pregnancy due to increased hormones. You may use supportive bras to reduce the pain. You may observe that your breasts start leaking a yellowish fluid called colostrum especially in the second trimester. It is a sign that your breasts are getting ready to breastfeed your baby, and it is totally normal. However, you should not use alcohol or soap to clean the colostrum when it dries. It may irritate your nipples, and you can clean them with a damp cloth. If the colostrum leaks too much to disturb you, you can use the pad, but you should replace it as it gets wet.

Some Tips to Taking Care of Your Pregnant Body

Women like to impress the people around them with her beauty in any situation and every time, and they want to see themselves beautiful when looking in the mirror. Women who want to feel beautiful and special during the pregnancy period in which the whole-body changes physically, can look more beautiful than ever with a few tips.

  • You as a pregnant woman need to take a shower almost every day from the beginning of pregnancy because you feel warmer as a result of the increase in the blood flow and so the sweat glands produce more sweat in this process.
  • Your bath should be 37 degrees to 38 degrees C because too much hot water can be harmful to your health. You should also make sure that the bath time is not more than 15 minutes.; otherwise, your risk of bleeding will increase.
  • You should take care and pay most attention to your breasts during pregnancy. You can use moisturizing creams after a warm shower in order to prevent your breasts cracking. To prevent saggy breasts, you can rinse them with cold water twice a day.
  • Almond oil can be used to minimize the appearance of the linea nigra (the line appearing on the abdomen)
  • Letting your skin breathe during pregnancy is more significant than ever. Therefore, you should definitely clean your makeup and use moisturizing cream for your face and hand before you go to bed.


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