Drinking Alcohol During

Drinking Alcohol During

When you learn that you will have a baby, it is a fact that you will say hello to some changes in your life.  You will pay more attention to your health, limit your actions and change your clothing style during pregnancy. Decisions about alcohol intake during pregnancy may also be a habit change. Some of the pregnant women are curious about drinking alcohol during pregnancy is harmful or not. Therefore, learning about the effects, problems, and causes of alcohol intake during pregnancy may help you to decide on this.

Many experts state that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is harmful to health; however, Danish scientists, according to their research, explain that it is not harmful to a pregnant woman to drink between 1 and 8 glasses of alcohol a week.

Their researches, published in BJOD, also explain that low to moderate alcohol consumption during the first trimester of pregnancy do not affect children’s health and their development. In Denmark, a standard drink refers to 12 g of alcohol, while it refers to 7,9 g in England. Pregnant women in the UK are advised not to drink, and experts say that they may have less than one or two glasses of alcohol once or twice a week because it is known that heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause miscarriage or fetal alcohol syndrome.

1600 women at their first antenatal visit take part in this research study. Half of them became a mother for the first time, and less than one-third of them were smoking during pregnancy. These women are asked about their alcohol intake, as well. As a result, a high level of consumption was defined as nine or more, moderate as five to eight and lastly low average as one to four drinks per week.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy May Affect Attention Span

Scientists examined the effect of alcohol on IQ levels, distraction, executive functions and self-control in children at 5. At the end of the study, it was found that low to moderate alcohol consumption per week during early pregnancy was not effective in neurodevelopment of these children. The results of the IQ tests applied to the children of mothers who had been drinking 1 to 4 drinks per week and 5 to 8 drinks per week, and the test results of mothers who do not drink during pregnancy were not different. However, it was also stated that the children of mothers who drink more than nine drinks per week have focus issues.

Consult with Your Doctor

Researches, Ulrik Schiøler Kesmodel of Aarhus University and Erik Lykke Mortensen of the University of Copenhagen, say: “High prenatal exposure to alcohol has consistently been associated with adverse effects on neurodevelopment.” Researches state that there may be a negative effect on intelligence, attention and executive functions, but their findings also show that low to moderate alcohol consumption do not adversely affect neurodevelopment of children who are at 5.

Women who have concerns about alcohol intake during pregnancy are advised to consult their doctors.

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