Exercises After Giving Birth

Exercises After Giving Birth

After giving birth you may be upset a little bit, since your body will not be the same as it was before. Actually, it is not an important case after you take your baby in your arms, but you should know that there are ways to get back into form.

Experts who recommend starting exercises after 24 hours from normal vaginal delivery or C-section highlight that it will be good if new moms stretch and strengthen their bodies. These exercises also should be done properly twice a day, and each move should be repeated twice, then are repeated up to ten times.

Recommended exercises are below:

  1. Day

Lie face down at least half an hour twice a day.

Do breathing exercises

Do ankle exercise and toe circle exercise

Lie down on the bed with legs outstretched, and press your knees into bed & count to ten. Relax your body

Lie down on the bed with legs crossed, squeeze your glues and count to ten.

  1. Day

Previous exercises are repeated.

Do lying leg raise exercise but with only your one leg.

Lie down on the ground, bend the knees and press them into bed, count to ten. (Relaxing Exercise)

Lie down on the ground and bend your knees. Lift your head and look at your knees counting to ten.

Relax your body.

Lift your arms. Take a deep inhale. Put the arms down.

Do “side arm raise exercise” (without dumbbells).

  1. Day

Previous exercises are repeated.

Do cat and camel exercise

  • Get onto your both knees and hand (make sure that your hands are aligned to your shoulders, and your knees aligned to hip).
  • Sink your back down and lift your lower rib cage at the same time and inhale.
  • Relax your back and neck.
  • Exhale and get lower your chest toward the floor and lift your head up at the same time.

Lie down on the ground with bending knees.

Lift your hips up and turn left and then right.

  1. Day.

Previous exercises are repeated.

  1. Day.

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Extend your legs as much as you can while lifting your head and shoulder up from the ground.

Do criss – cross exercise

Lie down on the ground and bend your knees. Place your both hands behind the back of your head (make sure that your elbows are kept wide.) Extend your left leg and then rotate your body toward your right knee, and vice versa.

Health experts recommend that new moms continue their exercise by increasing the number of exercises other days. They also suggest that new moms should arrange a meeting with a physical therapist, and these physical therapists who organize workout schedule by evaluating mothers’ body posture have to teach these exercises steps to new moms. Doing these exercises will definitely bring remarkable changes to your body, and exercise in all condition is good for mental health, and so it also may be helpful to prevent new moms from postpartum depression.

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