Hanging Belly After Pregnancy

Hanging Belly After Pregnancy

HThepossibility of a hanging belly is one of the most important problemsexperienced by each expectant mother during pregnancy. While being a mothermakes them happy, they will feel sad because they think that their bodies donot get back into form anymore.

Hanging belly is generally seen in women who are at an advanced age or have a multiple pregnancy. The abdominal cavity is surrounded by tissues, not bones, and so the abdominal cavity can stretch easily. Intra-abdominal pressure increases with the uterus during pregnancy. Normally, while the intra-abdominal pressure increases, the abdominal muscles relax, and it tries to reduce the pressure. In the case of excessive intraabdominal pressure, the abdominal muscles will be under pressure. It starts to expand to prevent further elevation of pressure, and as a result, it is deformed. When muscle deformation occurs, the skin loses its elasticity, and it causes stretch marks.

Multiple pregnancies and advanced maternal age have increased nowadays. The increase in the number of babies coming into the world with multiple pregnancies can cause more deformation in pregnant women.

Disadvantages of Being Overweight Before Pregnancy

Recently, obesity is very common in young women. If pregnant women who are overweight before pregnancy, continue to gain weight, it may make losing weight more difficult after pregnancy. Even if there are no problems during childbirth, it can cause irreversible aesthetic problems in the body.

After pregnancy, every mother wants to get back into form without surgery to be as young and attractive as they used to be. It, of course, won’t be easy if they do not take precautions from the beginning of pregnancy. Fit belly won’t be a dream if expectant mothers take precautions before the pregnancy and keep those precautions after the birth. Here are the precautions:

Manage your weight

First of all, you should make an effort to be your ideal weight before pregnancy. Body-mass index is used for your ideal weight calculation. Experts suggest that expectant mothers, if they have a normal body-mass index, they should gain weight during pregnancy between 11.5 -16 pounds in order to balance the development problems in babies in the womb, premature birth, hypertensive crisis, problems caused by big babies.

Be careful about your nutrition and fluid consumption

Nutrition plays an important role during pregnancy and also after pregnancy. The important point is consuming properly of required foods in a sufficient way, not excessive consuming or gaining weight. A pregnant woman needs an extra 300 calories than a non-pregnant woman for a day. This means a 15% increase in calorie intake, in other words, 2300 calories per day. Consumption of water is very important for your health during your pregnancy. In addition, applying moisturizing cream and massaging to your skin increases your blood circulation and prevent you from stretch marks and hangings.


Exercising during your pregnancy provides gaining weight in a good way. Regular exercises help you to get back into form after birth. It also helps you to lose weight that you gained your pregnancy. You can start pregnancy exercises at the 4th months of your pregnancy.

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