Pregnancy Myths That Are Wrong

Pregnancy Myths That Are Wrong

When many women become pregnant, this process imposes some restrictions or limitation on their life. However, some of these restrictions have no scientific basis, and almost all of them is not correct actually.  This text explains some wrong myths about pregnancy below.

Pregnant women cannot dye their hair.

There is no scientific evidence that hair dyeing is harmful while women are pregnant.

They should not walk through the metal detector.

There is no radiation produced by X-ray machines. Therefore, it is not harmful to pass through security gates.

They should avoid traveling.

Pregnant women can drive a car until the last four weeks of pregnancy. They need to wear seatbelts. Pregnant women who are traveling by plane after the 26th week of pregnancy are required to have a medical report. In cases when the flight is shorter than 3 hours and there are no risk factors for pregnancy, they need to drink plenty of water and do some exercises during travel. They also need to wear compression socks on longer journeys. It should be noted that in pregnant women traveling by sea, nausea and vomiting may increase in the first three months.

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is not safe, because it causes a miscarriage.

If there is no bleeding or premature birth threat, sexual intercourse is safe during pregnancy. Findings from the recent studies indicate that pregnant women can have even in the last month of pregnancy. The belief that having an orgasm during pregnancy will lead to premature birth is completely wrong.

They need to eat for 2.

The rules of nutrition during pregnancy are like a healthy diet in non-pregnant women. For the development and health of the baby, they should take three major supplements during pregnancy: calcium, vitamin, and protein. They can eat chicken or fish instead of red meat, but doctors recommend that they should eat fish only twice a week. Big fish living in the sea for a long time and containing high levels of mercury should not be eaten frequently. Milk and dairy products as a source of calcium should be consumed in sufficient amounts for the bone development in the fetus. This amount increases in multiple pregnancies. They may drink 1- 2 cups of weak tea, 1 cup of coffee, or 1 cup of cola per day during pregnancy. Drinking a small amount of alcohol has no harm to the baby, as well. They should not prefer to eat raw or undercooked meat during pregnancy. Lastly, they can eat sushi, if they want.

Using mobile phones, computers, and microwave ovens is risky.

Talking on a mobile phone or using a computer or microwave oven is not harmful during pregnancy. However, a study published in last year shows that children of women who overuse mobile phones during pregnancy are more likely to have behavioral disorders at a later age. Therefore, it will be better if pregnant women use headphones while talking on mobile phones.

Can pregnant women do sports?

There is no evidence that exercises affect the pregnancy adversely. If there are no risk factors for pregnancy (bleeding, premature birth, multiple pregnancies, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.), they can continue their exercises.

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