The Top 6 Questions about Pregnancy

The Top 6 Questions about Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many changes occur in the bodies of pregnant women. It is very significant to pay attention to the body care in order not to be least affected by these changes. This text explains the first six questions that pregnant women are curious.

Which parts of my body (except my belly) will be affected when I am pregnant?

The process of pregnancy is a period when a woman experiences many changes in her body. These changes are not limited to mothers’ weight gain and posture changes. Almost all parts of the body are affected as a result of changes in hormones. Your skin, hair, nails, teeth, and gums are the first parts that tend to change during pregnancy.

Do my skin change during pregnancy?

The most striking changes are those that occur on the skin. Pregnant women may have problems such as dry skin, cracked nipples, stretch marks, melasma (the mask of pregnancy), skin darkening and acne.

How can I take care of my skin?

It is significant for a pregnant woman to pay attention to body care and follow hygiene in order to protect her body. Glycerin soaps can be used to moisturize the skin instead of using normal soap. It is recommended to use body oils during bathing and a moisturizing cream after bathing. They can also use almond oil, cocoa butter, or body creams for dry and cracked skin.

Skin problems like skin darkening are often not permanent and disappear after birth. Marks can be covered with cosmetic products during a day, but Before going to bed in the evening, you should clean makeup to let your skin breathe. Again, in the period when the skin becomes too sensitive, it is useful to use sunscreens creams against ultraviolet rays before going out in the summer.

Is it safe to have hot baths during pregnancy?

Specialists advise pregnant women to take a bath every day to maintain body hygiene. The most significant issue here is to take precautions to prevent to slip and fall on a wet floor. Again, the door of the bathroom should not be locked. What is important here is that you should not bathe with too cold or too hot water. The ideal temperature to bathe is between 36-37 degrees Celsius. You need to know that many physicians do not recommend vaginal douching during pregnancy.

Is it true that the vaginal discharge will increase?

One of the most common complaints during pregnancy is vaginal discharge. As a result of changes in the natural flora and pH of the vagina during pregnancy when the vaginal discharge increases, the risk of infection increases. If there is a large amount of yellow or green discharge with a bad smell, you have to consult your doctor as soon as possible. They may need to take medicines or vaginal suppositories if necessary. Apart from these, mothers can use daily liners to make themselves feel more comfortable, as well.

What will happen to my breasts?

The mammary glands start making milk especially in the last period of pregnancy. The yellowish breastmilk called colostrum is the first form of milk produced. It does not have any harm to the health of the pregnant mother. The colostrum on the nipple can be cleaned with a warm washcloth. Pregnant women need to change their bras after the second half of the pregnancy and prefer to use full support cotton maternity bras.

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