Who is the father of my baby?

Who is the father of my baby?

In today’s world, women who have more than one partner and get pregnant want to get to know who is the father of their unborn babies. This answer to this question is changing not only lives of biological fathers of babies and also the lives of unborn babies, and, of course, mothers’ lives.

Thanks to newly developed modern paternity tests, women with multiple partners can learn the biological father of babies in the eighth or ninth week of pregnancy, and they do not cause a miscarriage, unlike the other methods.

Paternity Testing Before Baby is Born

In the article “Paternity Test” published by New York Times, it is explained that paternity tests have already been done by using amniocentesis sampling which is used for test an unborn baby for Down syndrome, but these tests are increasing the risk of a miscarriage, that’s why most of the doctors do not recommend to do it. On the contrary, the new paternity tests are designed and they do not cause a miscarriage. These new paternity tests are done by using only blood samples of both the mother and the potential father, and these test results help mothers to reduce their stress and to decide to have an abortion or not.

Of course, these test results may change the life of fathers, too. Men who learn that they will be a father soon, support their unborn babies’ mothers both materially and morally. Some articles state that these may affect mothers’ psychology during pregnancy and then be effective in directly babies’ health, also.

The new paternity tests were introduced in 2012. New England Journal of Medicine published a brief article explaining these blood tests which of them were designed by Ravgen. The article also states that these blood tests are also used for learning the gender of unborn babies. Another paternity test was developed by a company named Natera in ABD. After coming onto the market, thousands of tests have been ordered. Both of paternal tests, however, are not officially used as a document in child custody cases. The cost of these blood tests is more expensive than the cost of post birth paternity tests

Cinsel Assault Olgularında Doğum Öncesi Babalık Testinin Önemi

Dr. Ravinder Dhallan states that the paternity tests are really essential to women who get pregnant after being raped, and said if a pregnant woman learns that her rapist was not the father of her baby, then she may change her decision about abortion.

Bottom Line

It is now easier to learn the biological fathers of babies before labor than old times. Tests are done easily without doctors. These new paternity tests may be beneficial for mothers of babies to decide to have an abortion, especially in the situation that, if women were raped before getting pregnant. These tests also do not increase the risk of a miscarriage, or they are not risky for babies’ health. As a result, it is all up to parents of babies.

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