Work After Child birth

Work After Child birth

Having a baby is one of the biggest changes in women’s lives, not only a new baby is born, but the mother’s world is changing. Mothers experience the first separation from her baby by giving delivery, and this is seen as a reward for some mothers, while others are concerned about new beginnings. When all these emotions coexist here, the main decision is career or motherhood? It may take time to decide on this new role and get used to it, especially, for women who become a mother for the first time. The most important support in this process comes from their partners.

This text explains some basic questions that confuse working pregnant women’s mind during pregnancy.

Is it now more difficult for women to become a mother at advanced maternal age?

Today, many women prefer to have babies after their careers. Therefore, women become mothers at advanced ages. Being a mother at an advanced age has both advantages and disadvantages for women. The older mother may be more tired physically find it difficult to balance the baby due to increased responsibilities. On the other hand, women who become mothers at advanced ages cannot only handle their responsibilities better but also get the support more effectively she needs from the people around, since they have a strong social support system, a regular home life, and professional life, as well.

Are there any factors that affect how the woman will spend her Postpartum depression?

An unhappy marriage, inadequate social support, an unemployed woman or husband, and troubled life events are risk factors for the postpartum period. The postpartum syndrome is seen more commonly in adolescent pregnancies, unplanned or unwanted pregnancies and women with low socio-economic status.

Do the difficulties make any difference in terms of working women or Stay-at-home mums?

Studies on this issue show that women who work and who do not work almost experience the same things in this process. When mothers talk about their own experiences, they emphasize that working is not an extra burden on them, and positive or negative events during the hours spent with the baby are independent. Women who do not work can spend more time with their babies. Besides the feeling of satisfaction, they can also experience feelings of tiredness and frustration. Working women feel guilty about this because she can spend less time with her baby, as well.


During pregnancy, the mother’s need for nutrients increases in order to ensure that the baby develops in a healthy way, and pregnant women who are working may experience difficulties in this process. Work life can result in imbalances in healthy eating habit. Pregnant and working women have to meet increased energy requirements and nutrient needs in this period. Foods should be consumed less frequently, and blood sugar problems that may be experienced, should be tried to be balanced, especially with healthy foods consumed between meals.

Pregnant women who are working should definitely start the day with breakfast. They need to eat foods like milk, cheese, eggs, bread (rye and whole wheat bread), etc. in the breakfast.

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